SD-WAN Technology

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Companies are using technology to increase efficiency, improve experience, and increase productivity. However, in order to maximize the return on investment in digital innovation, businesses need their network to develop and deliver better results. Therefore, flexible, secure, and high-quality network solutions are the foundation of innovation for organizations seeking to accelerate their digital journey – business process planning, scalability, and cost reduction. As a result, corporations are opting for cloud technology and utilizing the latest applications and software-defined technologies.


Secure and Flexible network management

SD-WAN is probably the most customized software-defined technology available today to provide a type of secure application performance management that truly supports business in meeting their digital innovation goals.

Because SD-WAN intelligently transfers application data through web-based property, it can optimize the user experience, and the overlay service controls cloud applications and assists in delivering applications using multiple WAN interconnect methods that are optimized for both performance and cost.

Of course, the performance of the overlay application is as good as that of the lower layer network.

Cloud Acceleration

The Cloud Acceleration (XCA) software solution gives you control over the backbone of the Internet, as well as information about application performance and facilitates network management.

In fact, XCA can also monitor real-time traffic at the level of each application, ensuring business-critical services and applications that support the organization and its customers are always available and responsive.

In a time when a company’s competitors are just a click away from you, a slight response time delay is the difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity.

By carefully studying and managing real-time traffic, optimizing the proportionality principle allows companies and organizations to ensure that peak services remain business-driven rather than dictated by network hardware.

Programs provide insights that actively help in resource allocation and can significantly save on purchase costs. More importantly, they also enable organizations to manage resources in a way that best suits their business needs.

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