SD-WAN in 2020: 4 trends to look for

2020 is drawing closer every day, signaling a new and technologically advanced decade. Cloud computing and other similar software solutions have come a long way from their inception. With technology advancements businesses must not stay in one place and evolve together. In 2018, a marketing research firm Gartner had predicted that by 2023 over 90% of WAN edge infrastructure initiatives will be based on vCPE platforms or SD-WAN software and/or appliances. We have compiled a short list for you to follow these new and rising trends for best SD-WAN solutions:

SD-WAN accelerating cloud onramps

Many SD-WAN technology vendors have partnerships with the best cloud platforms and use various methods to accelerate traffic to and from cloud platforms. This solution would not only decrease your upkeep and service costs, but improve infrastructure as a whole with an easy to manage system in place. One such option is to place a virtual copy of the SD-WAN application on the IaaS cloud to streamline traffic.

Improved SD-WAN support for SaaS

Companies rely on numerous software as a service (SaaS) vendors to provide the best quality applications for unified communications, office suite, CRM, accounting and many other specialized services. SD-WAN technology keeps improving and its interaction with other support systems becomes faster, more efficient and easier.

Built-in SD-WAN security

SD-WAN technology utilizes relatively high throughput for unsafe Internet connections, allowing branch locations and peripherals to be protected from attack and data corruption. This being one of the most important features wanting to keep your data secured and protected from such dangers as a DDoS attack and other threats.

SD-WAN management, automation and orchestration

SD-WAN technology is becoming an integral part of IT infrastructure and needs to expand seamlessly into hundreds or thousands of locations and integrate well with existing network and application management platforms. Further development of SD-WAN technology focuses on backwards compatibility and seamless integration.

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