Why SD-WAN Technology is such successful?


I’m probably a little late to say that network connectivity anywhere in the world is no longer an option; it’s almost a necessity, as is water or electric power.

Increased bandwidth requirements

For limited or low bandwidth connections, time is running out, and in today’s world, high bandwidth connections are affordable. The bandwidth requirements of any organization have increased exponentially, not only because of the movement of infrastructure and application clouds, but also because your business needs rich media content.

Improved network speed and reliability

The availability of multiple high-speed Internet connections has forced many organizations to redesign their network and leverage the high-speed power with the same reliability they had on traditional multi-protocol label switching networks. Network speeds and reliability improvements are not the only reasons software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology is a growing choice in retail and office locations; fully managing network traffic management is also a big advantage.

Comprehensive network management

Our company was one of the first SD-WAN implementers, and I was actively involved in testing and implementing various aspects of the new technology in my organization. The power of the SD-WAN, which controls the application network, gives the company a great deal of flexibility to manage the network traffic as it wants. Not only does this help you divert traffic based on the type of application, but you can also choose the path according to source and destination, and some solutions also allow you to create your own custom application.

Real-time reports

Many SD-WAN technology providers can help generate real-time bandwidth usage reports that can be used to detect faults and verify response times across different network paths. These reports help identify urgent issues, such as who are the best interlocutors in your network, and they can also help with long-term capacity planning.

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